Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It Tastes Fruity WIth Hints Of Oak And Metal

I just found out that the lead singer of '80's metal band Queensryche (yes, they still make albums and fact they are on one now...but they'll always be an '80's band to me), Geoff Tate (best voice in metal in my opinion) has his own wine brand.

After seeing Scott Ian (of Anthrax) bidding on necklaces at an auction on The Celebrity Apprentice this week, and now this, I'm expecting to hear that Lemmee from Motorhead is now a truffle farmer in the south of France (or where ever truffles are mined).



Anonymous said...

Geoff Tate has a better voice than Dio? Pleeeease.

Harris said...

not even close - Dio has, what I'd call, the perfect voice for metal. It's angry, husky, masculine - the prototypical metal voice. It's similar to Blackie Lawless and the lead singer from The Scorpions (forgot his name) - they sound angry even when sinign love songs (No One Like You, for ex.).

Tate sings metal but could sing anything, even opera (I believe his aunt was a famous opera singer)


Anonymous said...

Klaus Meine.
Wind of Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnge.....

Harris said...


Lil Bilal said...

You really miss that Arena Rock channel, huh.

Silent lucidity. Will always be in my ipod. Bilal will know it.