Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Bachelorette Is An Idiot

Okay, so The Bachelor sucked but Josie insisted on watching this season's Bachelorette. I did think Jillian was pretty cool last season and was sorry she seemed to get screwed (and she has an AWESOME last name - Harris). But after watching her on The Bachelorette? I don't feel so bad for her...

It's fairly obvious that she gets "screwed" in matters of love because she's a moron. Not only have two different bachelor's bothered to tell her that Wes is there for "the wrong reasons" (btw - to me, the wrong reason would be to find love - who the heck thinks a dating show would be the best way to find a spouse?) but one of them, Jake, interrupted his regular life to come back after he was eliminated to do so.

Either Jake's got a little Walter Mitty in him ("Oh Jake, for coming back and exposing Wes for the jerk that he is, I want to end this competition and just marry you!...In spite of the fact that you're too perfect") OR Wes really is disliked by all.

Anyway, Jillian still gives Wes a rose at the end of last night's show, even though his response to the accusations seemed half-hearted at best. I expected him to ask, "Does anyone have tape of me saying I have a girlfriend? No? Then I don't."

At this point, I hope she does end up picking Wes. I'm sure the three of them will be very happy together.


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