Friday, June 26, 2009

You Can't Judge A Dog By Its Breed

I had to warn kids about approaching my last dog, Stewie, as though he looked like the sweetest lil 17 pound yorkie mix in the world, he wouldn't think twice before lunging at them with bad intentions.

I don't have to warn kids about approaching Kilo, as no one approaches a muscular, 50 pound pit bull mix. Too bad, as he's a complete sweetheart. Even at the dog run this morning, when another dog stole Kilo's ball, he just came back to me, tail wagging.

Monday, Kilo goes to his new (and hopefully permanent) home. Gonna miss him.



David said...

It is great that you have given him the interim home while he waited for his permanent home.


Harris said...

yeah...feelin more and more permanent though