Friday, June 5, 2009

I Got Boo'ed At A SF Giants Game

Yes, boo'ed.

Okay, so Josie and I got tix to see the San Francisco Giants - our seats were in the second row of the upper deck, right behind home plate (great park, btw). Here is the view to the field... The important part of the pic is the gate...remember that!

Our seats were on (in?) the aisle. In the inning, the batter juuuust got under one, and popped it back towards us....and when I say "towards," I mean like "six inches away." At first, I cupped my hands, ready to catch it ("Two hands, Harris!") , but then I saw it was gonna hit the railing.

In that split second, I pictured it bouncing off at an odd angle, and smacking into my wife's beautiful face... I couldn't let that happen, so I bodied up in front of her, ready to take the blow myself (Josie recalls it a bit differently - she thinks I closed my eyes, shrunk down in my seat, and screeched...whatever!)

Anyway, the ball bounced a few inches away, off the step I was seated ext to, and caromed down to the level below us, precipitating said boos.

At least Josie said they were "boo's" - I thought they were chanting "Bloooooom!"


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