Monday, June 29, 2009

...And That's How Josie and I Ended Up With Kilo.

As I (and you) should've expected, the adoption didn't happen.

The woman who was adopting Kilo e-mailed me last night to say her situation changed and she cannot take him. Needless to say, I, and my contact at the rescue org, weren't exactly happy about her about face ten hours before the hand-off was to take place, but what can ya do?

So, I'm sitting here typing this as Kilo begs me to climb onto the sofa ("No!", "Get Down!", "No!") every few minutes, whines as I eat cereal in front of him, and will scream bloody murder as I make any move to take him out for a walk in a half-hour.

But I wouldn't have it any other way...

Just kiddin' - told the woman form the rescue org to get a trainer over here pronto.

(Hey, I'm not Job).



Anonymous said...

This is so the beginning of an intense love story. Like Nicholas Sparks intense.

Harris said...

nah, more like a sitcom