Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Not Sure What's More Lame...

The guys on The Bachelorette, or that I skipped the gym this past week to watch it.



orangemanmike said...

Sorry to say you are. At least the guys on the show have a chance of gettin' some.

Harris said...

au contraire orangmanmike,

by watching the bachelorette with my wife, i am bonding with her, increasing our intimacy, ergo improving my own odds.


David said...

It is a toss-up.

They are making fools of themselves on TV before millions of the nation that watch that drivel.

You, sir, were boo'ed at a Giant's game. Addmittedly fewer people but it was live and in person which I think trumps the others.


Kirsten said...

You're not that much of a loser. :)