Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Playing The (Doggie) Race Card

So, I've been taking Kilo, my foster charge, to the dog run. He's really well-behaved, pretty much ignoring people and other dogs while keeping a tennis ball clenched in his jaw. He'll extend it to me, but only to play tug of war... an unwinnable war from my end (so far).

Anyway, last night I ventured into the run, where there was only one dog present (it was raining). Once Kilo entered, this other dog proceeded to chase Kilo, nipping at his ears.

Kilo really wasn't into it, running away while snapping at the other dog to keep him at bay. The other dog's owner, seeing what was going on, tried half-heartedly to call her dog away, but he ignored her. Eventually, she gave up and laughed, telling me, "I guess my dog's gonna make your dog play, whether he likes it or not."

I smiled back at her, and replied, "Yeah, well, as you can see, he's friendly, but he is a pit bull. I just hope he doesn't snap."

She immediately, and far more urgently, called her dog, who followed her out of the run.



Dolphin Hater said...

Brilliant! Now you need, by the way, to carry a Glock.

Harris said...

Yeah, this reinvention of my persona is going much better than when I entered college and decided to dress like Alex P. Keaton (Family Ties).


molly said...

i guess my dog is gonna bitch-slap your dog whether he likes it or not. hmmmmm.