Friday, July 10, 2009

Breakfast Bigamy

For the last six or seven years, I've gone to the same breakfast cart on the way to work, and got the same breakfast muffin (the guy in it starts wrapping it when he sees me).

Recently, a new, bigger cart has opened its doors, well, window, closer to my office. And this one makes egg sandwiches. A few times during the past month, I've cheated on my regular dude to go to this WalMart of Breakfast Carts. I felt bad but hey, eggs!

Anyway, after getting eggs yesterday, I just went to my old guy and got a muffin today. Only problem is that I had to walk past WalMart, which I did...and the owner first smiled, but then, seeing I already had a brown paper bag, gave me a sad look like I stole his puppy.

So my choice going forward is either 1. eat at WalMart, eggs or otherwise, or 2. Walk three blocks out of my way to avoid The Eyes of WalMart.



josie said...

third option... double breakfast!

Chris "Lucky Luke" Allin said...

You should sit both girls (venders) down and lay it all out there. Explain your desire for both eggs and muffin and that you will simply have to split your custom according to how you feel on the day. You enjoy the experience of both products but it is too hard to side with one. Then, Prepare for cat fights.

chris ives said...

Unless you want eggs and special sauce, stick with the eggs guy. Look at it like upgrading from antenna TV to cable. Sure, the antenna has hurt feelings at first, but will later recognize that it is the "slower buffalo". It's thinning of the breakfast-cart heard, which is ultimately better for the breakfast-cart genus.