Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Should Start An "Awkward Moment Of The Week" Series

Yesterday, it was raining (As it has been for three days) when I had to catch a bus. While waiting, an elderly black woman with a walker joined me, but she didn't have an umbrella. She thanked me when I asked her if she wanted to share my umbrella. And so began the most awkward ten minutes of this week.

I mean, seriously, after, "What 'bout this rain?" what else was there? I'll tell you what...

After two minutes - Man, where is this bus?
After five minutes - Is that it? No.
After eight minutes - No, I think that's a truck.
After ten minutes - Just so ya know, I voted for Obama.



David said...

Awkward indeed. What was the expression on her face when you announced your vote?

Anonymous said...

You should have just picked up your phone and had a fake conversation (like you do any time you want to avoid something).


Harris said...

david -

Either she didn't hear me or was PRETENDING she didn't hear me (which is what I woulda done)

Anon (Nadia),

Good call! (So to speak)