Thursday, May 14, 2009

One Article To Avoid

Featured "human interest" articles on Yahoo's main page are often ridiculous, but I think this one is the worst (only cause it's the current one - tomorrow will have a new worst).

7 topics to avoid if you don't want to be a bore? I can make an argument that not only are they all viable conversation starters at a party, but, conversely (or inversely?) to their point, all have ways the listener to totally join in.

I'm not gonna bore you with breakdown's of each...let's just do the first and last -

1 - a dream - now, obviously, if your dream is boring, then, yeah, don't talk about it...but then again, that goes with anything. And, if your dream story may enable someone else to talk about theirs...and the conversation blooms...

7 - The plot of a movie, play or book—in particular, the funny parts - Huh? How many party conversations don't entail discussing books, play, or movies, and especially the funny parts? I seriously think this woman must've had six, thought seven is needed for a list, and just wrote this down, even though it's asinine.

The only thing I don't talk about at parties is how I don't want Col. Jessup on that wall, I need him on that wall.

But I'd love to know what the author, Gretchen Rubin, does talk about at parties.

Than again, maybe I'm a bore at parties.


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