Thursday, May 14, 2009

Then We've Got Bigger Problems

I don't know how to swim.

This bothers my wife as she recently expressed in an e-mail...

"What if we want to go on a cruise? Or Kayak in the Hudson? Or there's a tsunami?"

A tsunami?



Poopypance said...

you're a clever man, I enjoy your blog

Poopypance said...

you're a clever man, I enjoy your blog

Harris said...

thank you poopypance.

Anonymous said...

It could happen, and if it did, I suppose knowing how to swim would give you a boost in potential survival. Maybe not a big one, but a boost nonetheless.

Harris said...


after seeing this post, a friend sent me this...

he's a founding member of the Roumanian Olympic Swim Team - he's gott abe like 80, no? And what's he gonna teach me, how to get around steriod tests?


David said...

I've been on a dozen or more cruises and my very poor swimming skills have never been an issue. As for kayaking...can we say life-preserver?

And let's face it, if your town is hit by a tsunami, you better be about 20 stories up in the accounting tower to have any chance.

Maybe Josie is just trying to get you to exercise? This swimming thing didn't seem to bother her when you went to the Jersey shore last summer. Has your life insurance policy expired since then?