Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Try This With Doug Adler (Then Tell Him Starbucks Is Your Fave Coffee)

Wanna piss off a chocolate snob?

Tell him /her that your favorite chocolate is "white chocolate."

Faster than you can say, "I know, it's not really chocolate," they'll let you know in uncertain terms that white chocolate isn't chocolate at all.

Then tell them that you don't care cause as far as you're concerned, white chocolate is like vanilla, butter, and Heidi Klum had a threesome.

When you see steam coming out of their ears, tell them you are kidding. And that your favorite chocolate is actually that which is made by Russell Stover.

Go ahead.



Anonymous said...

White chocolate is the bomb! Screw Doug Adler. :)

Harris said...

word - screw doug adler!


Doug Adler said...

hey rambler,
read more carefully. I have no significant issue w/white chocolate. Reference is made to my coffee snobbery.Although Harris would likely drop a chunk of white chocolate(not really chocolate) into a cup of starbucks (poorly brewed from 6 month old overroasted (thus going beyond carmalizing any natural sugars in the bean and covering up existing defects) beans. Not done fully preparing his "beverage" Mr. Bloom would then deposit 4-6 packets of Sweet and Low into said liquid creating a higly carcinogenic coffee like drink.

Harris said...

hey doug,

actually, the reference is also to your white chocolate snobbery too - funny thing is, you expose it in your comment ("not really chocolate") - ha!


josie said...

i just like how doug put beverage in quotation marks...