Friday, December 26, 2008

Picture This (Cause It's Funnier)

I think there is such a thing as going a little overboard with the whole "energy conservation" thingy.

For example, the lights in the bathroom of my wife's workplace are motion sensitive. This sounds reasonable until I tell you that they are on a five minute timer AND it only registers motion outside the stalls.

So, if yer in a stall for more than five minutes, you have to open the door and flail about to get the lights back on.



David said...

I worked in an office building once when they installed those. Unfortunately, some desks, deskchairs and computer credenzas were not in the field of vision for the motion sensor. It is disconcerting to have the lights go out periodically as one works away - especially after business hours on a winter evening.

btw - why are you spending so much time lurking in the restrooms at your wife's office? Stalking much?


Harris said...

hey david,

since you brought it up, she told me about it - i haven't visited.

but that's not to say I'm NOT a stalker.


josie said...

you forgot to mention that the window is permanently open in there. so, in addition to it being dark, it is also cold.

we've taken to calling it 'iceland' or 'the outhouse'.