Wednesday, December 17, 2008

To The Victor Goes The Lame Prize

I won my holiday office raffle yesterday - my prize?

A weekend getaway to... (hold for it)...

Tarrytown NY!!

For those of you not familiar with NY, Tarrytown is in Westchester, NY - not twenty miles from Manhattan (where I live).

Not only that, but it's in a Sheraton - awesome.

Our plan is to take the train there, check in, rent a car, and drive to Manhattan to have fun.



Jill said...

Tarrytown is VERY close to me. You could check in, rent a car, and hang out with Jill.


Harris said...

wow - success has really gone to your head - are you now speaking in the third person?


Moffat said...

Have dinner at Blue Hill Stone Barn