Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Putting A Happy Face On

I love how animal rescue sites try to warn you about adoptable dogs' poor behavior by making it appealing - I saw one this morning that read, "...and Cody will love to decorate your house with toilet paper any chance she gets!"

If I wrote one for Kilo, here would be some tidbits.......

Kilo is so athletic, he will jump right up to your nose and bite it!

Kilo is good at whimpering or crying when he wants or needs something, which is all the time!

Kilo is great on the leash, assuming you consider lunging at other dogs great!

Kilo is so full of love and affection that he will continue to jump on you, no matter how many times you yell, "No!"

Kilo is so smart, he'll figure out how to get into your garbage can, eat the contents, and then throw up everywhere!


btw - these are jokes about Kilo, he's a great dog, and he's never thrown least not after getting into the garbage, which he has done.

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David said...

Madison Avenue needs you - you are truly wasting your time in accounting.