Monday, November 30, 2009

Lotta Questions...No Answers

I was watching some show on the TLC channel (which, by the way, they should rename the "Thank God This Isn't You Network") when they went to commercial.

One commercial was for Jon and Kate plus 8, another was for Table for 12 (about a couple with 12 kids) and yet another for 18 And Counting (about a couple with 18 kids!).

I guess my question is - why does anyone watch the one with 8 kids (or even 12) if there's one with 18 kids? I assume people watch to see how these couples deal with all the kids, so wouldn't it make sense that they'd wanna watch the one with the most difficult job?

It kinda reminds me of buying bread in the supermarket. They have loaves of 8-grain bread next to 12-grain bread next to 15-grain bread.

Why would anyone buy the 8 grain bread? How long will it be till there's a 20 grain bread? Then again, are there 20 grains?

I have a headache.



Shieldmaiden96 said...

I found myself in front of the 18 and Counting one this weekend, since the only living room in the family house we visited had a TV and no one voted for 'turn the damn thing off' like I did.
The wife is so CALM it kind of freaks me out. I wonder if, after a certain number of kids (11? 14?) the brakes just come completely off and nothing bothers you anymore. When she's talking to the camera I keep expecting one of her kids to run past, chased by another one with a reciprocating saw.

Harris said...

I think yer right - kinda like watching my 401K last year when market was tanking - down 10% sucked, 20% hurt, after 30%, I was numb.