Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Killing And Dying In Comedy

I've been working with the The New York Hysterical Society, doing mainly Jewish temple shows (btw - if any of my loyal, or not so loyal, readers would like us to organize a comedy night fundraiser for you, contact me).

I did one on Saturday night. I think the average age of the audience was about 95. I did well enough (you really don't wanna "kill" with this may actually kill) but I woulda done better if I had jokes with Barnaby Jones references, or better yet, Milton Berle.

After the show, a woman told me that she thought several of my jokes were "precious." I'm assuming that means good, in 1930-speak.

I actually did one several weeks ago where I (surprisingly) did very well, but I can't say the same for the MC. It was so quiet during his set, it had the feel of a shiva call... I sat in the back mourning him.



Lil Bilal said...

maybe on one lucky day jerry seinfeld will be in the audience.

Anonymous said...

this post is precious.