Thursday, January 7, 2010

Very Late Post

I volunteered to help Josie and her organization at their annual Christmas Party* for disadvantaged families. It's a great event where lower-income families get a holiday dinner (some cooked by Josie's parents!), toys for the kids, and even caricatures drawn by local artists who donated their time.

It was kinda odd to see the police parked in one corner taking pictures of the kids. Why, you ask? So if they are kidnapped, they'd have a picture immediately to go by.

That must be an interesting conversation....

"Okay kids, now that you've gotten your cotton candy and your picture taken with Spiderman, let's go take another picture before we open your gifts!"
"Yay! What's this picture for?"
"This one's in case someone steals you from mommy so the police have some way of tracking you down!"
Kids start crying.

After helping to sort the gifts and putting up the Christmas tree, I worked the buffet line. Usually, that would mean me eating, but no, in the spirit of the holiday, I spooned out food.

When dessert was about over, one person came up to my wife, pointed at something, and asked, "Is that pumpkin pie?"
Josie looked at it and replied, "No, that's a piece of wood."

Parents say the darndest things!


*There were no white people there so I'll go out on a limb and say none were Jewish.

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