Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Josie's Birthday!

We bought a couch on her birthday. Thoughtful as she is, she insisted on a sofabed, so I have somewhere to sleep when we fight.

We celebrated (the couch and birthday) with a bowling party, cause, that's how we roll.

Aww c'mon! That's funny!



Anonymous said...

What happened to one blog a day?

Harris said...

Hey anon,

I got bored doing this - since ya write though, I'll blog today.

Thanks for writin'


Count Sneaky said...

Yes, that is funny! Happy birthday to Josie.Perhaps she will buy you a blanket or quilt for your birthday to use on her couch when it becomes necessary.A birthday bowling party?
Bowlin', bowlin, on th' river...Rollin'... My best. Count Sneaky